Ahoj, nazdar, čau – el curioso origen de los saludos en checo

¿Sabes qué no me entra en la cabeza? -víš, co mi nejde do hlavy-? A pesar de no tener mar –moře-, el saludo más frecuente entre los checos es –ahoj-, un saludo marinero –námořnický pozdrav-. Entonces, aún más extraño te parecerá el supuesto origen de este saludo –pozdrav-, teniendo en cuenta que la mayoría de…

Learn Czech – Seven Cases – Lesson 30

In Czech nouns, pronouns and adjectives are declined using seven cases. This lesson introduces you to these cases. These are an essential building block for getting a better understanding of the Czech language. For native English speakers declining nouns can feel very strange but it is something you need to get to grips with to…

Learn Czech – Tongue Twister – Lesson 29

A short Czech tongue twister. It will improve your pronunciation and extend your vocabulary, it is: strč prst skrz krk It means stick your finger through (down) your throat. strč = poke/stick prst = finger skrz = through krk = throat/neck

Learn Czech – How much does it cost? – Lesson 28

Why not speak Czech when you are shopping in Prague. Here is the phrase for asking how much something costs! It is very easy to learn. Plus learn the numbers up to 1000 so you can understand the shop keepers reply.

Learn Czech – Merry Christmas – Lesson 26

Wish your Czech friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in their own language. Learning this 5 word phrase teaches you some really useful vocabulary such as ‘new’, ‘year’, ‘and’, ‘cheerful’. Learning short phrases is a great way to start building your vocabulary.

Learn Czech – I like + doing – lesson 25

Learn how to say you like doing and you don’t like doing something in Czech. Learn 7 of the most important verbs and how to decline them. This is a really useful little Czech lesson, quickly learn how to express what you like and don’t like doing.

Learn Czech – when? where? who? what? why? – Lesson 24

Quickly learn Czech question words that will help you in a million situations. Making questions is essential in any language, it forms the building block of communication. Learning a few simple question words will improve your communication skills drastically.